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We are a blog providing local restaurant and diner information in Calgary. It is a very useful blog for those living in Calgary or those visiting for business or leisure. Even if you don’t live in Calgary, you will know a lot about restaurants, diners, cafes and delis from here.

Subscribing to our blog can give you access to our informative articles. We also go behind the kitchen and try to give you amazing recipes from the chefs of some great restaurants in Calgary.

We arrange different quiz competitions every month and by taking part in them you can win discount coupons for your favourite restaurant in Calgary.

Many restaurants here offer seasonal discounts to diners. You will get to know about the special deals that different restaurants are offering guests at different times of the year.

You will know about the menus of various restaurants and diners that will help you to choose the right place to eat on different occasions. Some restaurants and diners have space for celebrating occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

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They often provide special deals for special occasions. We will provide you with the latest promotions in every restaurant in town.

Different food festivals take place in Calgary. We provide discount cards and a free ticket to some of our lucky subscribers. The subscription process is very simple. All you need to do is fill out a form mentioning your name, address and a few other details and send it to us. We offer two types of subscription: monthly and annual. Our annual subscribers get a 20% discount on their subscription fees.

So, subscribe to our blog today and get lots of opportunities to enjoy food in your favourite restaurants in Calgary at a special price and learn more about the culinary culture of Calgary.