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Welcome to Belmont Diner! This is your ultimate guide to the restaurants, diners, cafes and delis in Calgary. Whether you live in Calgary or if you are just a tourist, you will find this blog very helpful in locating and finding the best places to eat near you.

This blog will not only give you a list of good restaurants, delis, cafes, and diners but will also provide a review of these places so that you can choose easily where to eat. You will know about the food they serve, the atmosphere, and the prices.

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You will also learn whether the restaurants use local produce or imported ingredients from outside. So, instead of spending hours browsing the internet to find a good place to eat, you can simply read our blog and get the right information.

Here you will find out about the new restaurants that are open in town. You will also know if an existing shop has opened a new branch near your home. You will get any news regarding your local restaurants here. We always update our blog with new articles and the latest news in this niche. This is a colourful blog with pages full of nice pictures of restaurants and diners in Calgary. We hope you will enjoy reading our blog.