Just outside of downtown, in the center of Marda Loop, is where you'll find the Belmont Diner. Known for its atmosphere and great food, it has become one of the most popular breakfast joints in the area.

Especially known for its unique Eggs Benedict, Montreal Smoked Meat Omelette, and all sorts of pancakes, the Belmont's breakfast is beyond compare.

If you want to get out of the rat race downtown, or are already in the area, the Belmont is a great place to hunker down for a filling meal and great service!

"As tired as you are, you're still willing to stand in line,
as long as that line leads to a seat at the Belmont Diner."

Dee Hobsbawn-Smith

"Belmont is a friendly place, peopled by
appropriately cheeky server chicks, both at the grill and waiting tables."
Kathy Richardier

2008 33rd Ave. S.W. (Marda Loop) Calgary, AB - 242-6782
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri
7AM - 3PM
Sat - Sun
7AM - 4PM

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